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Impact and Responsibility

Our mission is to become the most responsible version of ourselves through informed action and honest, transparent communication.

Let the climb begin.

Discover our strategy and goals

Our strategy forms the backbone of our efforts and makes sure we are clear about what we aim to achieve as a company when it comes to impact and responsibility.

Our approach

It is our responsibility to promote our sport more sustainably, hence we acknowledge our role in creating lasting and meaningful improvement for our communities and the environment.

In our approach, we have identified four key impact priorities to drive change:

Communication and Transparency

We aim to communicate in a transparent and honest form on our multifaceted efforts of our impact and responsibility program.

We want to become an industry leader in sustainable practices and reporting.

Yet, there is a long and testing journey ahead of us, challenging ourselves to strike a better balance between our environmental impact and the modern uncompromising cycling wear we stand for.