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Environmental Footprint

As a growing company we accept the bigger responsibility that comes with growth.

While our presence increases, we believe in constant improvements of our materials, processes and partnerships.

Accurately calculating the environmental impact of a company is a complicated task.

However, with the current methodology we have in place, it is a great starting point to set the ball in motion.

Our Impact Methodology

We will soon share more about how we track, measure and calculate our companies impact.

Our Impact in Numbers

Since 2020 we measure the overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of our company.

We fully understand that GHG emissions are not the only impact we create, but they are a great way to understand our hotspots.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol separates emissions into 3 different scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions which occur from sources that are owned and operated by Pas Normal Studios.

  • Scope 2: GHG emissions occurring from the energy purchased by Pas Normal Studios.

  • Scope 3: GHG emissions that occur in our value chain.

Data Snapshot: GHG Emissions

Discover our key impact priorities: