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Value Chain

Our partners form the supply chain of our items, with each item having a unique journey, involving different people and processes.

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our value chain partners, to create products of the highest standards.

Supplier Mapping

We closely collaborate with a selected group of fabric and manufacturing partners, many of whom we have been working with since the inception of the company and each possessing unique and extensive knowledge.

Discover our supplier list at Open Supply Hub.

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio S.p.A.

From Vietnam to Portugal, our commitment extends to collaborating with factories and suppliers worldwide that align with our values and vision, focusing on human rights, safety and continuous improvement.

Manufacturing Partners

Code of Conduct

We believe in a honest and fair business where all employees are treated equally. Our Code of Conduct is an outline of our expectations of our partners and has been signed by all our T1 suppliers.

Fabric Partners

Discover our key priorities: