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Central to our mindset is the idea of community. We are determined to bring together people with a shared passion for cycling while benefiting society.

Stories & Adventures

Our resolve is to unite individuals and bound by a common love for cycling.

Discover community stories and adventures:

A global community

The International Cycling Club (ICC) was started with the dream of bringing people together to share a passion.

With time we grown to a global community, organising group rides across Europe, America and Asia to encourage people to create new experiences with others while on the bike.

International Cycling Club

Follow the adventures and stories from the International Cycling Club. We document the friendship, ambitions, struggles and emotions from our rides and escapes all around the world.

Destination Everywhere

The concept of Destination Everywhere is to travel to new places in the hope of unlocking some hidden experience the area has to offer.

Our Mercedes Sprinter brings together people globally to ride and appreciate the local environment and community.


As part of our commitment to promote the professional sport of cycling, we sponsor multiple teams and are very proud to play a role in these riders’ life as they explore their potential both on and off the bike.

Our stores are crafted in line with Pas Normal Studios DNA, each with its own unique characteristics. The places serve as a hub for pre-, mid- and post-ride fuelling, as well as an opportunity to connect with the local community.


In recent years, we crafted multiple flagship-stores, including full-scale locations in Copenhagen, Mallorca, Munich, San Francisco, Taipei, Seoul and Singapore.

Discover our key priorities: