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Pas Normal Studios x Oakley

Cycling. A beating, burning rhythm moving a global community. Through distinct research, Pas Normal Studios and Oakley merge a refined aesthetic with cycling’s heritage and future. Inspiring through visions of nature and the terrain of life.

Pas Normal Studios x OakleyFinding your own space; your road in life. A vision shaped through repetitive movement. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke. Dedicated to refining and optimizing, Pas Normal Studios and Oakley integrate and elaborate on a tale of racing and community. Of passion and performance, on and off the bike. Distinct minimalist silhouettes - enhancements of color and contrast.
Performance and adventureThe Pas Normal Studios x Oakley Radar EV and Encoder Strike eyewear is launched together with a limited collection of Mechanism cycling kit. For adventures off the bike, the Pas Normal Studios x Oakley Terrigal and a selection of Off-Race styles complete the collaboration.​