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Steve Tilford Foundation Racing

American cyclocross team Steve Tilford Foundation Racing is built on a strong sense of community and purpose. Racing cyclocross and channelling good vibes all over the world to support the Steve Tilford Foundations's goal of creating opportunities for new and upcoming racers. Meet Lizzy Gunsalus, newly crowned US National Champion Curtis White and founder Raylyn Nuss.

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Raylyn Nuss

Raylyn is the owner and director of the team. Played basketball in college and worked as a scientist for 6 years before pursuing her passion racing cyclocross.

In 2021 and 2022 Raylyn has taken the title as Pan American Champion in cyclocross. She finished 2nd at the 2021 and 2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships.

Raylyn comp the season 15th in the World at her first Cyclocross World Championships in January 2022.

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Curtis White

Curtis is the current US Cyclocross National Champion. He has an extensive history racing cyclocross, having represented his country at 9 World Championships. Curtis holds a B.A. in Classics with a minor in Law and Humanities.

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Lizzy Gunsalus

Lizzy is racing the U23 cyclocross circuit. She is 19 years old, but holds experience from racing and winning as a junior in Europe. She's the current U23 Pan American Champion and attends Marian University. Besides being a cyclocross rock star, Lizzy wants to work on research in green chemistry, making biofuels to help with the sustainability of our environment.

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