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From Innsbruck to Vienna

The obvious route from Innsbruck to Vienna is pretty simple. 633km and an elevation gain of 7720m. We gathered a small group to do the ride, challenging them with fog- and snow-clad high alpine passes, tricky descents, and the simple task of completing the trip in three days. The group was, for the most part, complete strangers before heading out from Innsbruck.
Photos: Harry Powell

Hannah Ferle

"I've learned that even if you're strangers at first, sharing 800+ kilometers, snacks and stories will soon create a sense of togetherness that goes far beyond the hours spent in the saddle."

"In the beginning, none of us knew what to expect from this trip, but sometimes it takes a little push - quite literally - to overcome one’s doubts. Destination Everywhere proved to me once again that cycling is a sport that connects people from all over the world, even if they are strangers at first."

Michael Ruescher

"The experience was a blast! Complete unknown people grew together like a family, in just a few days. A hand full of bicycles, the same destination, and beloved people can change everything."

Patrick Redolfi

"It feels very special to be part of this community, being part of a group of people who share the same passion and love the same thing. This trip just showed me how big of a thing cycling became in life. Cycling connects. I love it."

William Holtham

"Riding with strangers is all about growing together. When you embark on a ride it doesn’t matter your age or background, you are all connected on the bike. The journey is always the reward; the person who at the start was a stranger becomes a friend. This is cycling to me."

Harry Powell

"The best thing about riding that kind of distance, over that kind of terrain with people you’ve never met before is that they aren’t strangers to you for very long."

"The shared experiences drag you together as a group, you begin to understand each other very quickly. You figure out each other’s strengths, quirks, and what each individual can bring to the group. Fast track friends."

Hannah Towal

"I really didn’t know what was awaiting me and had no expectations or presumptions about the other participants. As it turns out, you only need a couple of hours on the bike together to feel a deep bond with people from completely different backgrounds and ways of life."

"Entering the same challenge, sharing emotions and excitement as well as exhaustion on a bike creates a unique dynamic. After a couple of days, strangers will become a new family."

Susanne Moll

"When cycling with strangers, you never know exactly what's coming. Everyone has to find their place, you have to be flexible and also pay attention to the others. In the end, it's just great to meet people who share the same passion!"