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Sicily in spring offers a gentle mix of paces. From the bustling fish markets and even busier Catania side streets early in the morning - to a quiet and sun-kissed afternoon circling up and around Mount Etna. Travelling with your bike creates a certain structure for the day. Tasks that need to be carried out, a bit of preparation before you head out. Food plans, and places to visit. And then back, with sore legs touching the still cold floor as you open the blinds and let the warmth back in.

When we travel we learn new routines. Even if it’s only for a short while. Wakened by foreign sounds and faced with new smells as you ride out after the first espresso. Being welcomed at the coffee stop in a language where you only understand fragments aided by friendly gestures. Those little shifts in attention and pace bring vitality. Travelling holds the power to change the trajectory of a season. Of life. Maybe that’s what we are looking for when travelling. A change, essentially.


Highlights of the Essential Spring/Summer 2024 collection

The Spring/Summer 2024 Essential Collection introduces four new colours to the Essential Jersey. Set on a check pattern with contrasting logos on the chest and back, the Men's and Women's Essential Jerseys' warm colours blend effortlessly with the petroleum, brick and olive of the collection.