Polartec® Power Shield® Pro

Choosing a cycling kit to get you through the variable winter conditions has always been a delicate balancing act. Comfort, warmth, and protection from the elements - all necessary precautions to consider before setting off. We do not believe that you should feel the need to make any sacrifices, prioritizing one feature over another. As you ride through the winter, battling the howling conditions in subzero temperatures, you should experience the freedom of performing at the peak of your ability without the worry of comfort.

The Power Shield® Pro fabric from Polartec® is a versatile soft-shell that ensures you will never need to choose another kit that requires you to compromise comfort for protection. This three-layer fabric delivers exceptional comfort while defending against strong winds, rain, and the heaviest snowfall. Its advanced soft-shell technology protects against the harshest elements without the stiffness and noisiness of a standard hard-shell layer.

Fabrics that utilize membrane technology are unrivalled in their ability to limit the permeability of water and external moisture into a garment; however, this also limits the ability for moisture from within the garment to effectively escape. The Polartec® Power Shield® Pro fabric employs the use of a microporous membrane which releases excess heat and inhibits the accumulation of moisture vapour to promote the development of dry conditions within the garment.

The soft and pliable construction of the Power Shield® Pro fabric allows it to easily drape and fit onto any underlying form without restricting movement or flexibility. The inherent features of this fabric have allowed us to create a range of performance-based jackets so that you will never again need to compromise on your comfort when selecting a winter cycling outer layer.


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