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Destination Everywhere: Singapore Inbound

We met late the night before at the Hat Yai airport, close to Thailand's southern border with Malaysia. The coming morning had us leaving from the border down through Malaysia for the next 6 days. End goal: The Pas Normal Studios Flagship Store in Singapore. 1100 km away. On the menu: flat fast highway sections, amazing food, dense rainforest, high temperatures, heavy rain and a Malaysian mountain range.
Photos: Jeremy Hooper

Day 1: Thailand Border → Penang

150km +1306m

Leaving from the border, we had a fast run into the base of Mt Gerai (10km, 10%). With temperatures in the high 30’s the afternoon's heavy rain was welcomed as we made it to Penang.

Day 2: Penang → Ipoh

170km +465m

Waking to heavy rain had us layered up leaving Penang, the flattest stage of the trip. A warm and wet transfer stage before tomorrow's looming mountains.

Day 3: Ipoh → Tapah

155km +2273m

We left Ipoh towards the Cameron highlands a 45km climb with lunch and a regroup at the top. The rain came as we ate, resulting in a very cautious long descent of the old road down towards Tapah.

Day 4: Tapah → Kuala Lumpur

150km +1100m

A hot and fast day, had us on the busy KL highways on our run-in to the night's accommodation.

Day 5: Kuala Lumpur → Malacca

190km +1701m

Talks of the toughest day on the trip - rolling hills all day, high temperatures and tired bodies.

Day 6: Malacca → Singapore

265km +671m

The final stage, an early departure was paramount to make it to the border in time. A fast morning made for great progress, we arrived at the store in the late afternoon tired but happy, in time for the celebrations.