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Layering Guide - Escapism

Dressing for gravel rides

Being able to build your layers with flexibility is vital when faced with the chance of inclement weather. Each piece in the Pas Normal Studios Escapism collection serves a specific purpose. When combining layers, you build flexibility, breathability and comfort. Our approach is to let a combination of three factors determine how to layer. Temperature, precipitation, and intensity.

- Temperature

As the temperature drops, your body needs help in staying thermoregulated. This means building insulation with base layers and main layers.

- Precipitation

Rain, snow, sleet. In any shape or form, precipitation means you will need to wear a protective layer. Our jackets and gilets protect you from the elements.

- Intensity

The level of intensity of your ride determines how much emphasis you should put on the key functional aspects of your kit. High-intensity rides make sweat dispersion really important. Lower-intensity rides put a higher emphasis on insulation and protection.

Choosing the right base layer is the foundation for getting the most out of your rides. The right base layer helps your body regulate temperature, moving moisture away from your skin while keeping you comfortable.

The Sleeveless Base Layer is ideal for warmer rides combined with a long sleeve jersey. Or if you do intensity and need to add or take off layers during your ride.

The Mid Base Layer - available sleeveless or with long sleeves - is cut from Polartec® Power Wool™, a blend of natural and synthetic fibres creating an insulating layer with excellent moisture dispersion.

Our Thermal Base Layer also uses Polartec® Power Wool™ - but with an added brushed grid structure to give extra insulation.

The Escapism Wool Jersey, Escapism Knit Jersey, and the Escapism Technical T-shirt are our main layers. Paired with a Performance Fleece Jacket or Vest, you have ample possibilities to choose a combination that suits the style of ride you are doing.

Going on a fast dash out of town? Grab the Escapism Technical T-shirt with a base layer and our Escapism Bibs. If it’s still dry but colder you can pair our Escapism Wool Jersey with a Performance Fleece Vest.

Riding somewhere where the temperature rarely dips below 15 degrees Celcius? Pair the Escapism Knit Jersey with arm warmers for a flexible kit.


To protect from wind, road spray and light rain, we have developed the Escapism Stow Away jacket. The hood makes it adaptable and perfect for layering, sheltering you from wind and the elements. If you’re riding where the chance of catching showers is minimal, you can adapt the Escapism Performance Fleece or the Escapism Technical T-shirt as your outer layer when paired with another main layer.

To give you the flexibility to adapt to whatever you are faced with, you can add insulation and protection from our accessories. Arm warmers can easily be worn under a jacket, leg warmers are easy to take off mid-ride and adding a neck tube with or without insulation protects your neck and chin from windchill.

10-13 degrees with a chance of rain