Vision, Goals & Ambitions

As an organisation, we engage with communities and environments across the globe. From group rides in North America to material suppliers in New Zealand, our activity is felt in many forms. It is our responsibility to ensure the effects of our activity benefits these stakeholders as much as possible. It is our duty to empower people, improve lives and become leaders in doing business sustainably.

Impact & Responsibility are vital issues all organisations must be held accountable for. In the short-term we are working to improve and optimise our practices, reducing our impact on the planet. This optimisation is coupled with the process of encouraging long-term systemic change within the industry and society to pursue a net positive impact on the planet.

Why is it important?

Documenting and reporting on our impact is a crucial step towards improving our operations. Setting realistic science-based goals will encourage sustainable innovation towards better performing, and less impactful products. Recording and improving our activities is key to the future success of Pas Normal Studios, and we recognise our duty to act responsibly and be accountable for our actions. Reporting and showing an ambition to improve will push the industry towards more responsible practice. From an environmental perspective, we aspire to create a positive impact on ecosystems, diversity, and resources. From a social standpoint, we aim to play a part in reducing poverty and inequality across the globe. At an economic level, it is our duty to act in a responsible, honest, and fair way, pursuing sustainable growth and improving processes to be as positively impactful as possible.

How can it be achieved?

Improving the cycling industry will take innovation and research. The industry must encourage new technologies and identify ways to reduce resource consumption. Most fashion and sportswear brands follow the same linear model of take-make-dispose. This model must be replaced on a systemic level. In the meantime, we can optimise our current business model to make a positive impact on stakeholders. These improvements will encourage industry and society to make the radical change necessary.

We will be part of this mission by measuring our current impact, identifying areas to improve, setting goals, and working to find innovative ways to enhance our positive impact on communities and the environment.

Who needs to be involved?

The UN has outlined 17 targets for the world to achieve by 2030 which we fully support. This project is a global effort. We understand our role in this project, and aim to make a positive contribution by reporting and setting goals to improve our organisation. All taking responsibility for our actions and working to improve our operations will lead to positive change throughout society.

Aims 2025

These aims align with our mission to create a progressive and industry-leading organisation. Goal-setting, measuring and transparency are key components of this mission. These aims will be developed as our knowledge and data resources improves. Within two years we aim to be able to set scope 1, 2 & 3 Science Based Targets aligned with the Science Based Targets Initiative.

The following aims are aligned with our current knowledge and understanding of our impact:

  • Working towards fully understanding and accounting for our impact. This includes our environmental footprint, resource use and social impact.

  • Aligning with the Business Ambition for 1.5°C, and becoming one of the pioneering apparel businesses within transparent and action towards sustainability.

  • Improving our knowledge of our supply chain. While we pride ourselves on our relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, we know we can do even better. We are working on integrating social and environmental initiatives in to our relationships, ensuring our partners live up to our standards.

  • Developing and implementing initiatives and services to improve the circularity of our products. This is imperative in the mission to reduce impact and create a more sustainable business.

  • Delivering meaningful initiatives and projects around the world to empower communities and support social and economic development.

  • We aim to improve the transparency of our business by sharing information and discussing solutions to key issues. This will be achieved through the development of regular reports and updates online.