We believe transparency and communication are key drivers of a more sustainable industry. This is why we aim to publish the most current, accurate and relevant information possible, to ensure users and potential users can make informed decisions when looking at our items.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

As members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) we are actively working with other brands to develop solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.

We are Strategic Council Members for the Transparency program within the SAC, and play an active role in the development of tools and strategies within the coalition.


In 2022 we created over 40 pages on our website dedicated to our impact. These pages touch upon many facets of our impact, and will be updated regularly to align with our initiatives and progress.

As part of our commitment to transparency and openness, we have shared our entire methodology for calculating our greenhouse gas footprint. Our innovative approach to this challenge means we have a clear view of our environmental hotspots on a product level and on an organisational level.

By sharing our methodology, we hope to inspire others to start their journey, and raise the standard of the industry, when it comes to reducing environmental impacts.

Each year we will be sharing our progress towards our social and environmental goals. This will be in the form of web pages and annual reports.

By reporting on our progress, we are holding ourselves accountable, whilst sharing our journey in the hope of inspiring others.