Central to our mindset is the idea of community. We are determined to bring together people with a shared passion for cycling, while benefiting the wider society. We look to bring positivity to every community we encounter, from our manufacturers to our stores and beyond.

Destination Everywhere

The concept of Destination Everywhere is to travel to new places in the hope of unlocking some hidden experience the area has to offer. We have always found that the best places to uncover the most personal experiences is on a bike with friends along the roads that permeate from populated, built-up cities and cross the frontiers into the isolated, outlying expanses where you often end up learning more about yourself than the place you are visiting. Riders we have shared these journeys with have experienced the extent of how different these cultures can be and how demanding the conditions are on one’s mind, body, and bike. Our Mercedes Sprinter brings together people across the world to ride and appreciate the local environment and community. 


We have created several pop-up stores in recent years and now have our first full store in Mallorca. Our pop-up stores have been located in Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sapporo & Copenhagen. These stores provide an opportunity for local cyclists to experience the brand, and create a community around the sport. It is a focal point for group rides and events, while sharing the story of Pas Normal Studios and the people we work with. 


Our store in Mallorca offers cyclists a retail experience and cafe located in the island's capital city. The store functions as a place to fuel up pre-, during and post ride. The store stocks our latest items and can help customers with any questions they may have about the brand. The community based around the store is very active with regular group rides and events. 

We also have a select group of retailers stocking our products. Please find a list of them here.

International Cycling Club

The International Cycling Club (ICC) has been designed to bring people together to share a passion. We organise group rides across Europe, America and Asia to encourage people to create new experiences with others, while on the bike. Rides are organised by stores and ambassadors, ensuring participants have the opportunity to talk to representatives about the brand. 

We have an active ICC Women’s community in Toronto, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Copenhagen with regular group rides providing an opportunity to explore new roads and meet new friends.

Community Stories

Virginia Palmero - Ambassador - Toronto

Personal development...

“Being active and outside always helps clear my mind and keep me focused. Even after weekday 5 am wake ups to ride 50 km with friends before work, I have more energy throughout the day. Pas Normal Studios has helped me achieve so much with my cycling goals. It has given me a sense of family and community and has motivated me to focus on training to get stronger and faster. Pas Normal Studios has such a fantastic group of cyclists from all over the world. Seeing others progress has really pushed me and motivated me to do the same. It helped me feel like I had a purpose in cycling.”

The impact of cycling...

“The local community and environment have improved so much because of cycling. The cycling community has grown so much in Toronto with a lot of younger faces. Pas Normal Studios brings a new community and a new spot for a lot of those younger people. This community has grown and has created many passionate cyclists who have now become stronger and faster. Pushing each other and making new friendships, all from riding bikes.” 


“Cycling has empowered the people around me because it has given many people a feeling of community and family. It’s an activity where we help motivate each other and help achieve our goals. It has helped build so much confidence in individual riders and made them feel like they are part of the cycling community.”