Destination Everywhere 2023

A map filled with opportunities spread across continents as rides, races and celebrations. In 2023 our Destination Everywhere project evolves with a North American Van in addition to the van travelling the European roads. Destination Everywhere is our hub for ambitious adventures. A unique common ground for riders, fans and our community. Our vans will follow the roads, trails and paths of cycling culture in Europe and North America over the course of the year.

A global community

Cycling is not always about racing to the finish line. Cycling can be about the process of riding from A to B and the experiences you gain along the way. The Destination Everywhere project has been taking us on some true adventures. From riding through the depths of winter on ice-covered roads in Sweden to climbing up hidden gravel roads in the Alps.

You can follow our adventures and the community through our dedicated community Instagram account @internationalcyclingclub.

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