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Regent´s Park, Outer Circle

Every community has that one loop or route. That easily accessible, familiar stretch of road, where you know every single pothole and crack in the surface. The funny thing is, you tend to appreciate the ride even more when complete outsiders show up. You take pride in your local laps.
Photos: Joe Harper

Chain gangs

In the early mornings, the Regents Park loop is the pumping heart of the cycling community in London. With riders joining from the thick and thin veins of early morning traffic flowing into central London, the 4.4 km loop hosts a flurry of chain gangs and groups.

Townhouse backdrop

We visited London earlier this year to join our friends on a classic morning ride on the Regent's Park loop.

The 166-hectare park northwest of Inner London is lined with townhouses and terrace dwellings. It has one key feature: before 7 AM cars are not allowed on the roads. That's a good sell to any cyclist. Especially in a city long known for a complicated relationship between cars and cyclists.

Regent's Park CCW

Beginning in the south-easternmost corner of the park, just north of the Regent's Park and Great Portland Street tube stations, The Strava-segment called "Regent's Park CCW" is one of the most heavily contested segments in London. More than 50.000 riders have logged more than 4 million attempts on the 4.4 km segment.

International Cycling Club

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