Destination Everywhere

Nice to Bern

a 5 day trip though the french alps 850km / 18.000hm

Pas Normal Studios founded the Destination Everywhere project from the love of exploration, relationships and the freedom to go anywhere you want. This recent adventure starts in the city of Nice, gathering 6 riders from around the world to come together and ride through the french alps towards Bern, Switzerland.

Video by Simon Nieves
Photos by Simon Nieves & Mathieu Parent

The Roadbook

The concept of this adventure is to tackle the majestic alps starting in the southern part of France and moving towards our end destination in Bern, Switzerland. Here is the rundown of the days on the bike.

Staring riders of this Destination Everywhere journey:

Virginie Palermo, Canada

Mathieu Parent, France

Charlotte Abbergee, United Kingdom

Joe Rass-Court, Spain

Simon Nieves, Denmark

Sebastian Tottrup, Denmark

Monday - Nice to Allos

162km / 4,747hm

Starting our journey from Nice heading north towards the majestic French alps, energy is high and legs are ready for the challenge.

Col du Vence - 9,6k / 6,8%

Col des Champs - 14km / 6,4%

Col de Bleine - 4,2km / 6,2%

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Tuesday - Allos to Briançon

130km / 2000hm

Second day into our journey, passing by the amazing Lake Serre-Ponçon, we are taking it easy on the distance and climbing, giving us the rest we need for the queen stage tomorrow.

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Wednesday - Briançon to La Chambre

151km / 4700hm

Probably the hardest day on our journey, taking on some of the more well-known climbs of France. We set off early in the morning to allow some extra breaks throughout the day.

Col du Lautaret - 27,5km / 3,1%

Alpe d'Huez - 16km / 7,8%

Col du Glandon
- 29km / 4,1%

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Thursday - La Chambre to Chamonix

145km / 2800hm

Our journey is closing in and the legs are starting to run out of power, day starts of with a long and magical 24km decent down Col du Medelin

Col de la Madeleine - 25km / 6,2%

Col de Saisies - 14km / 6,2%

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Friday - Chamonix to Bern

200km / 3000hm

Final day. And the longest route of them all. Two big climbs in the horizon and we wake up early to catch the morning sunrise over the mountain tops. As we slowly make our way into Swiss territory the route mostly consists of rolling hills until we finally hit Bern in the evening.

Col Montets - 7,4km / 4,7%

Col de Forclaz - 6,7km / 5,9%

Col des Mosses- 18km / 5,5%

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